Stones For A Cause was created by a mother daughter team, Marilyn & Danielle.

Marilyn was the originator of these unique stone art pieces

and is the artistic hands behind every stone. 

Marilyn has invented a meticulous process that allows parts of the vibrant image to be carved away to reveal distinctive shapes and textures of the stone. Every piece is hand crafted with incredible attention to detail and time consuming artistry. .  

Danielle is Marilyn's daughter and it was her passion for sharks that lead to the first Stone For A Cause being created for the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy. Both Marilyn & Danielle's passion for animals and the ocean has been the driving force behind the expansion of SFAC. 

Stay tuned for more Stones that will be benefiting more amazing causes and nonprofits working towards conservation and preservation of our Earth and its beautiful creatures